Harthill School + list of attendees 1875

Harthill Primary School

Harthill Primary School on the junction of Winney Hill and Union Street. Pupils leave here at about age 11 and usually go to Wales Comprehensive School seen on the Kiveton-Wales web pages. However, way back when before school runs and school buses the school would have provided all of a childs education from 6-14.
Below is the register from 1875 of parents names, and the sex and number of children they had attending the school.

Parents’ NamesBoysGirls
Mrs. Geo. Platts2 
Mr. Geo. Walker11
Mrs. Hogg 1
Mrs. EmsaIl2 
Mr. F. Minor12
Mr. Chester1 
Mr. Rose1 
Mr.HiII 2
Mr. Chas. Yates1 
Mr. S. Unwin1 
Mrs. Downs 1
Mrs. Wilson 1
Mrs. Smith 1
Mrs. Juniper 1
Mrs. Mackay11
Mrs. Allsopp 1
Mrs. Manderville11
Mrs. Shaw2 
Mrs. Bennett2 
Mrs. Hunsley11
Mrs. Weston2 
Mrs. Schofield 2
Mr. Pearce1 
Mr. Smith11
Mrs. German11
Mrs. Allsopp 2
Mrs. Hallam1 
Mrs. Smith 1
Mrs. Guest1 
Mrs. Stewardson1 
Mrs. Hoggard32
Mrs. Heeley2 
Mrs. Egley11
Mrs. Shimwell11
Mrs. Snowden1 
Mrs. Thompson1 
Mrs. Allison11
Mrs. Geoffrey11
Mrs. Keeling12
Mrs. Covell1 
Mrs. Baserfield21
Mrs. Harley21
Mrs. Chambers3 
Mrs. Hibberd 1
Mrs. Wardle 1
Mrs. Laking 2
Mrs. Smith1 
Mrs. Shawcroft12