Turnerwood is a hamlet straddling a basin for mooring boats on the Chesterfield Canal. There’s only a few houses and it’s a quintessentially picture postcard pretty English hamlet with ducks on the pond, cottages, and several locks, as shown below;

turnerwood marina
turnerwood marina
canal locks
canal locks being restored

Above; the classic before and after shots (2001 and 1997). Turnerwood has also got plenty of ‘Residents Parking’ only signs so if you want to avoid annoying the residents it’s probably best to get there by walking the mile or so from Thorpe Salvin along the towpath. You can cross the canal from Thorpe over the Devils Bridge after walking through Hawks Wood (if you know why they’re called that then let me know). It’s a superb and easy walk on a sunny day and you can get back to the Parish Oven pub in Thorpe Salvin for a pint and a meal within the hour.

The canal locks on the Worksop side still needed renovating as this Feb 2001 picture shows (note the scaffolding shoring up the lock walls). At the time of writing (2020) the whole canal is navigable from Worksop all the way to the entrance of the old Chesterfield canal tunnel.

shored up canal sides

Above; what the renovated locks looked like before the before and after pictures!

Below, Turnerwood from Google Earth: