Kivo/Wales pubs

Kiveton carnival 1999

Taken on the day of Kiveton carnival. This is the only pub at this end of Kiveton. Built in the 1950s it has two rooms; the ‘tap room’ with its pool and snooker tables, juke box and darts board, and the ‘best side’ with its subdued lighting and better decor. The houses next to it were only build in 1997 and are just one of several private housing developments that are making places like Kiveton and Aston sprawl in size and population.
other pubs are:
The Waleswood and pit winding wheel. The first pic was taken in summer 2000, the second in Feb 2001 and the place was closed down and boarded up. In 2002 it reopened as a chinese restauraunt.

waleswood pub and wheel

waleswood pub and wheel
The Forge

forge pub
Wales Jubilee Working Mans Club (old stone farm building in foreground).


The Lord Conyers and war memorial

The Lord Conyers and war memorial

Incidentally a local man Geoff Nuttall has published a book called “Who was Lord Conyers” available at £4.95, email The book traces the Conyers family from Norman times through to the death of the last Lord Conyers in 1948.

Kiveton Working Mans Club 2000 – by 2001 it had become a normal pub rather than a club.
Kiveton club