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Beighton; Bectun in the Domesday book (1086) (Tun or town by the stream), population c 8,000 (1991 census)

Appearing as Bectun in 1086 and Becton in 1236 (a beck is a steam in old English, a term still used). Beighton must one have been a very pretty village set in rolling countryside. Now though it has been thoroughly ‘developed’ by 20th century housing, industry and infrastructure. Its northern boundary is set by the huge viaduct of the A57/Mosborough Bypass, along its entire eastern edge is the Rother Valley Country Park (which was an opencast coal mine untill 1980) and the Trans Pennine Trail. To the west are the roads leading to the Crystal Peaks shopping mall. So if you’re into water sports and cinema then you can walk to both. The Sheffield Supertram also stops at Crystal Peaks – the only place on this website where it does.So, as far as facilities are concerned, Beighton scores highly and it has arguably become the most eastern suburb of Sheffield – there’s not a lot of open countryside between the two.

The medieval core of beighton is still just about there though, the 12th century church being a nice example of the genre, plus some old stone houses. The rest is a mixture of pre WW1 terraces, and mid/late 20th century semi detached and detached houses.

The name Beighton generally also includes the adjoining community of Sothall (to those living outside Beighton anyway).