Laughton’s ‘white city’ houses

The houses below are the post war houses known as the white cities. They were a short term solution to the post WW2 housing shortage, and were made of prefabricated concrete slabs on a steel frame.

Many of those in the picture had windows boarded up (November 1999) and like those in Kiveton and other places may be facing demolition in the not too distant future.
Postscript 14th Jan 2000 – the local press reported today that the white city houses would be demolished in the near future as they were becoming impossible to let to anyone.

white city laughton common 2000
white city laughton common 2000

Above, September 2000, all boarded up. Below, November 2001, the postscript was true, they’ve mostly all gone…

…and have now (2009) been replaced by modern housing (see Laughton Common 2009).

white city laughton common 2001