Brampton en le Morthen

Brampton en le Morthen, pop est 1,000

The blue streaks down the left of the map are the M1 and M18 motorways – indelible marks from the latter half of the 20th century when fast personal and freight transport by road became paramount (the canal system seen on the Kiveton webpages was effectively crippled in 1903 when the mile long Norwood canal tunnel collapsed due to mining subsidence), and the railways that criss cross the site area were run down in the 1960’s and 1990’s. Note the difference in size between Brampton and Thurcroft at the top of the map – the centres of Aston, Aughton, Wales, Anston, Dinnington, etc. were all comparable to Brampton before they got doughnutted by 20th century housing and exploded in size.

The name Brampton en le Morthen is possibly derived from ‘Brantone’, a farmstead in the broom. It does not have its own church (so technically it is a hamlet rather than a village) and is part of the Ulley parish 2 miles away, featured elsewhere on this site, and presumably where marriages, christenings, and burials would be recorded (although to complicate matters for genealogists it was a detached part of the parish of Treeton before 1852).

Brampton en le Morthen and Thurcroft are not much more than half a mile from each other (although Thurcoft is much bigger) but going from Thurcoft to Brampton is like travelling in time: Thurcroft is sprawling, 20th century, and industrial, Brampton is more 18th century and agricultural. You could stage a Jane Eyre or Bronte type period drama in Brampton and the scenery would not feel out of time – well I suppose you’d have to ignore the red telephone box (a listed building by the way), double glazing and tarmacked roads, etc. Thurcroft just down the road is definitely less historical territory. There are new modern houses on the outskirts of the hamlet but the old medieval core is not overwhelmed by new housing as is the case in, say, Anston or Dinnington or Aston, and in any case the main street seems to be more or less all old buildings, or good modern impersonations of old buildings.

The GenUK website lists the equivalent of the 1822 Yellow Pages under Professions and Trades for Bramprton en le Morthen.