Kiveton Colliery circa 1984

Kiveton Colliery circa 1984 from the Hard Lane railway bridge.

kiveton pit 1984
pit offices kiveton

The old pit offices, built in 1874ish, after the pit shaft was sunk ( 1865). They and the old pit baths are more of less all that remains of a colliery around which kiveton was built (well, them and the huge reclaimed pit spoil heap!), and which was the centre of the village in all senses for nearly 140 years.

pit war memorial

The roll call of the miners killed in WW I.

In WWII mining was a ‘reserved occupation’ and fewer miners went to war. Not that they needed to if danger was what they sought as deep coal mining of the period was extremely dangerous and unhealty, with accidents and respiratory diseases common.

mining memorial plaque, hard lane

This is the plaque on the main road near the Saxon pub commemorating the local mines. See the Kiveton and Wales pubs page for a picture of the old shaft winding wheel outside the Waleswood pub. It’s cut in half and set in concrete at each entry to the village.

See also the History of Kiveton Park Colliery 1865-1966.