Harthill, Kiveton, Woodall residents – 1379

List of occupants of the parish of Harthill with Kiveton and Woodall, from the 1379 poll tax register (census for tax purposes. Key: w=wife, s=servant, c =child)

Sorted with primary sort of tax to pay, secondary sort is alphabetical)

Surname Christian Name Family, etc.

Keuton (Sergeant at Arms), John de, + Agnes (w)+John (s)+Godfrey (s)+Matilda (s) (9d or 3/4 shilling tax)

Edward (tailor), William, + Avicia (w) (6d. from here on)
Helwys (tailor), William + Isabella (w)
Herthille (tailor) Edward de, Laura (w)+ Avicia (c)
Trerton (tailor), John, + Alicia (w)
Wilthorp (tailor) John de, + Matilda (w)
Bothe (webster), John, + Agnes (w) + Richard (s)
Clerke (webster) John + Isabella (w)+ Thomas(s)
Gem (fleshewer) Thomas + Joanna (w)
Webster (webster) Thomas +Margaret (w)
Hull (fleshewer) William +Elizabeth (w)
Smyth (smith) Thomas +Margot (w)
Wright (wheelwright) Thomas +Joanna (w)
Mason (waller) Hugo +Alicia (w)
Welde (shoemaker) Richard del +Margaret (w)
Grenlef (spicer) John+ Laura (w)
Wrykesop John de +Agnes +(w) Robert(s)
Adkynson John Agnes (w) +Joanna(s)

Bedell John +Rosa (w) (4d tax from here on)
Bee William+ Joanna (w)
Belgh John +Isabella
Belgh William de +Cicely (w)
Berned John +Isabella (w)
Bernerd John +Cicely (w)
Bilton William de +Constance (w)
Biltonman Roger
Bromyng Adam+ Elizabeth
Couper (cooper) John+ Matilda (w)
Danse Thomas +Alicia (w)
Dicon Richard +Joanna (w)
Cutteson John +Elizabeth (w)
Doille Ralph +Matilda (w)
Doille Robert+ Cecilia (w)
Edward Joanna
Estrick John+ Joanna (w)
Ford William +Isabella (w)
Fote John +Matilda (w)
Hardewerde Avicia
Houeden Agnes
Houeden John de+ Alicia (w)+ John (c)
Huchon William +Matilda (w)
Huddeson Nicholas +Joanna(w)
Hughwyf Alicia
Keuton Adam de+ Agnes (w)
Keuton Isabella de
Keuton John de
Keuton Matilda de+ Isabella (c)
Keuton Nicholas de+ Matilda (w)
Knape John +Avicia (w)
Mantell Adam +Cecilia (w)
Mauer Robert +Eleanor (w)+ Laura (c)
Mayre Avicia
Milner John +Alicia (w)
Mirfin Robert
Ness Cecilia
Noutherd William +Joanna (w)
Oliver William
Oliver William +Agnes (w)
Preston John de +Avicia (w)
Purton Thomas +Alicia (w)
Shepherd Robert+ Elizabeth (w)
Soker John +Laura (w)
Sothe John+ Joanna (w)
Symmes Robert +Avicia (w)+ john (c)
Thresher Nicholas+ Agnes (w)
Todelay Ralph de +Joanna (w)
Treder William +Eleanor (w)+ John (c)
Tulkherd Stephen +Joanna (w)
Tulkherd William+ Matilda (w)
Welde John +Beatrix (w)
Whityng William +Emma (w)
Wildbore John +Matilda (w)
Wilkysone Ralph+ Alicia (w)
Woderoue William +Isabella (w)
Wodhall William de
Yorke John de+ Agnes (w)

Total= 146 people, although the wealthly Bardolph and Serlby families do not appear on the register for some reason.