Anston Churches

The Church of St James’s dates from at least the 1300’s with an 18th century gallery. This used to be a satellite chapel of the local mother Church in Laughton en Le Morthen, about 600 years ago – check out the Aston, Todwick, and Wales pages to see also how post 1400 towers and spires were added to the plain square chapels that orbited the Laughton Mother Church, way back then. Anston’s spire looks like a real competitor to Lauughton’s, its easy to suppose that rich people were in a status race here back in the 14th century- for the tower looks like Harthills sand Wales’s but with a spire stuck on top.

St James's CofE

This street has several substantial stone built churches (C. of E., Primitive Methodist\Wesleyan). This is two of them.

Weslyan Methodists (left) and Primitive Methodists (right)

On the left the Weslyan Methodist Chapel 1876, on the right the new Methodist chapel 1911 (the old one is used as a church hall).

The sign in the foreground is outside the Leeds Arms pub.