Dinno Pubs

The Little Mester (was the Williams Bar\Wee Willie). The disco in this place on a Friday and Saturday night used to be loud enough to make your ears bleed, though these days the disco is no more.

little mester dinnington

The Falcon pub, as it was in 2001 (it’s now a carvery). The Falcon is derived from the family crest of the Athorpe family, who were the first resident lords of the manor in 1678.

Directly across the road from the church. In fact, come to think of it, just about all the local churches are a very short walk from a pub (see, Wales, Harthill, Aston, Ulley, South Anston!). This is because the old villages were very small, rather than the sermons being so scary that they immediately needed a drink.

Below: The Lordens Hotel

lordens pub

The Lord Nelson: Boarded up in 2001. In 2007 the roof was falling off! By 2010 it had been demolished.

nelson pub

The Squirrel

squirrel pub

The Cutler – This one’s really at the junction of North Anston and Dinnington.

cutler pub